Pad for Simplified Typing of Unicode Malayalam

Purpose of this program:

To type Malayalam using an English keyboard.

Advantage of this program:

Lesser keystrokes and lesser time spent in learning to type. No need to guess what key combinations would produce the required output. Greater and efficient control over what you type.


It should be noted that this program is not a "Manglish" to Malayalam converter. You have to type the letters as they are to be typed. But unlike a Malayalam keyboard, this keyboard is well synchronised with English letters.


Application: (Version

MalPad.exe [Size: 58.2 KB (59,649 bytes); Modified: 04 September 2005, 22:43:20]
NB: Visual Basic 6 SP6 Runtime or later should be installed for this program to work. If it does not work in your computer, please search Microsoft's website to download and install the latest runtime.

Keyboard Map:

keyboardmap.gif [Size: 55.6 KB (56,959 bytes); Modified: 04 September 2005, 20:13:21]

Thoolika Font:

TholiUC1.TTF [Size: 83.1 KB (85,100 bytes); External Link]
NB: Please download any of the fonts "1b" or "2b" according to the Uniscribe version you have. It is highly recommended that you install SP2 for your Windows XP system, and download the font "2b"

Contact Information:

This program has not been tested on all hardware configurations and Windows platforms. Therefore your reports will be valuable for the development of this program. If you have any problems or want to make suggestions, you can contact me through email at:

send2adtc @

To change the font Internet Explorer uses to display Malayalam:

  1. In "Tools" menu, click "Internet Options..." menu item.
  2. On "General" tab, click "Fonts..." button.
  3. Select "Malayalam" as 'Language script' and then select "ThoolikaUnicodeNew0" or another Thoolika font as 'Web page font'.
  4. Click "OK" button twice.
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